“For me, creation from metal is identical to creation from clay. I don't see the metal as a tough material, however as flexible and soft material that listens to my hands. I’m sculpting from the metal with natural movements which flow from within me and control the metal through the beat of my hammer.

In my vessels, I've emphasized these qualities and put them in the centre of the work. The works embody movement and flexibility, characterized by round and dynamic lines that merge together to form organically rounded shapes. In each piece, I freeze moments from the process and keep them in the final work. This reflects the process of my work and in addition, echoes my inspiration taken from the chaos and cleanliness that exist together in nature. This method creates a combination of two sides playing off each other- the final ‘clean' work we are accustomed to seeing alongside the retention of the moments from the creation process. This allows the viewer to peek behind the process.” 




Photography by David Hobson


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