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"By working in metals and the ability to control metal and bend it to my wishes flowing according to the beats of the hammer, opens before me a wonderful world of communicating emotions, perceptions and thoughts in a way that had not in any other artistic medium. I succeeded, for the first time, in expressing my inner self in the work and touching new places both in myself and others."

Naama Haneman is a silversmith, a 2017 MA graduate with distinction from The Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture & Design (CASS) in London and a 2012 graduate BA from Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. 

For her silversmithing represents the integration of practical design and art and a way to touch in emotions, thoughts and sensations. Naama Sculpts in metal from movement reborn at every moment by emotion, without a preordained concept and without intending the work to be functionally useful. A process which enabled her to dedicate and devote herself completely to the vessels. Her works embody a constant dialogue between the external and the internal, between the seen and unseen; sometimes the external overcomes the internal, and sometimes the opposite, but both are always present. The vessels can be used as containers, they do not have a defined use and do not require any supporting tools in order to exist.

Naama has been exhibiting in contemporary art silversmithing and jewellery exhibitions over the world. 

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