MATERIAL MOVEMENT is a collaborative exhibition featuring four internationally acclaimed artists, each working in a different discipline: ceramics, jewellery, painting and silversmithing. All four artists share a common language through their creative process, each exploring the concept of movement and how this informs their own practice. Curated by Naama Haneman, the exhibition attempts to highlight how movement can be interpreted in very different ways when creating artworks and when working in a wide variety of materials. We are encouraged to reflect not only on how movement can have a different meaning for each artist but also on how it is used and perceived by them.


Artists: Gareth Jones, Naama Haneman, Ria Lins, Tal Batit


Naama Haneman sculpts in metal and lets emotions and movement guide the end result, creating expressive vessels which often look like they have been made from a very soft material like clay. Functionality is not an important part of her practice despite her choice of form which suggests containing something inside.

“As an artist metalsmith I believe creating in metal identical to creating in clay:  I see metal as a soft and flexible material that listens to my hands. I work intuitively and like to ‘freeze’ moments in the making in order to show them in the final piece.  I am inspired by the juxtaposition of order and chaos, that coexist in nature.” READ MORE

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